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taking a leave of absence Empty taking a leave of absence

Post by KingdomSeeker on Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:05 am

Hey, im sorry.

I took a bunch of threads over with convictions that are not yours, they are mine. Truth or not, you did not receive them. I did. I did what i felt called to do. and then got disracted by things i dont think i was ever called to do.

Everyone has there own walk. AS well as there own calling.

I dont think this is mine.

I was caught up by learning al lthe things that are going on, and honestly, i dont think God called me to it. I agree with all the things i, and others have posted(as far as whats going on in the world) I just dont think God wants ME to be doing this anymore. I tried to fight it...i dont think he wants me to fight it anymore.

Maybe ill be back. For now...i need to just stop. It has become an addiction, adn not a calling(if it ever was a calling for me in the first place)

So I will say i am taking a hiatus for a while, I may be back everyonce in awhile to say hi, and if God lays somethign on my heart ill post it.

But for ME, it was comming inbetween me and Jesus. So i need to stop it.

Jesus bless you, Doc, Zone, Son, Others.

If you want to keep in touch out side of info gathering, and forum posting, you can get my email from Zone. Love you guys, keep listenign to the voice of the master, adn doing what he calls you to do. Im doing the same.


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