May 16 headlines

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May 16 headlines

Post by zone on Wed May 18, 2011 12:51 am

Rio Earth Summit 2012

Austerity Plundered Britain and a Quarter of Homes Without Heating Next Winter

British Taxpayers to Pay 170 Million Pounds for European Parliament Members' Pension Fund Increase

Carbon Tax Won't Lower Temperature of Globe

Dominating Dominique Strauss-Khan, IMF Chief, Raper of Nations and Women

--More on Above

--Court Document--Charges

Britain Now Legally Bound to Massive Carbon Cuts

US-China People's Liberation Army Exchange Programme

Schools Arrange Secret Abortions

On-Line Filter Bubbles--Tailored for You

Sockpuppets--Computer Generated Friends

Air Force and Witchcraft

HST-(VAT) Raking in Millions in Extra Cash for Government

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