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Royal geneologies

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The O'Cuilleain (O'Collins)
The O'Cuilleain (O'Collins) of West Cork trace the origins of their family to most ancient times, over 5,000 years. Over 4,600 years before surnames became common practice. They are one of the oldest royal bloodlines in human history, they are one of the most powerful priest line in human history, they are the first druids, the "shining ones" and amazingly still exist today.
Given the ancient and important pedigree of the name and variances over the ages, it is also sometimes written as Cuileann, cuilieann, Cualann, Cullen, Cuilinn and Cuillin.
The original meaning of the name comes from cuilieann which in primitive Gaelic meaning "holly" as in the holly tree, on account of its sacred and mystic properties. The holly tree also came to represent a symbol of the sacred geneology of ancient Ireland.
The origin of the actual word Holly comes from the 11th Century Old High German hulis and Old English holegn both meaning Holly. The word hulis originates from an even older proto-Germanic word khuli a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann both meaning Holly. Today in Modern Gaelic, Holly is still known as cuileann.
The word "Celt" is also derived from Holly as a description of the earliest leaders of Ireland. Celt comes from the ancient Greek word 'keltoi'.
The first literary reference to the Celtic people, as keltoi is by the Greek historian Hecataeus in 517 BC. He locates the Keltoi tribe in Rhenania (West/Southwest Germany). A similar word Khuli was in use at the time in the area through the proto-Germanic language (600 BCE), a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann (1200 to 2000 BCE) both meaning Holly.
The distinction of the word holy and holly appeared around the 13th Century with the Old English word hālig derived from hāl meaning health, happiness and wholeness.
This symbolic genealogical importance placed on the holly tree and its recognition as sacred by the ancient druid religion is the original source of this belief that well over a thousand years later went onto become a major symbol of the bloodline of Christmas and the bloodline of Jesus.
The family origins are linked to the bla pioneers of the great Bronze Age mining and trade of Ireland and directly to King Ibbi, the last Great King of Ebla. King Ibbi, the Royal family and his court and priests fled this great and ancient Syrian city just before it was captured by Sargon the Great around 2290 BCE.
King Ibbi and the blaites are the original source of the great legend of the Milesians, the "Syrians", who established themselves as the first Kings of Ireland. The first name of Ireland was Ibbi-ri "Land of Ibbi" later called Iberni, Hiberni and riu. Ireland's first city was Eblana "new Ebla", a site on or near Dublin.
The royal family of the blaites settled in and around the Wicklow Hills (Wicklow in Gaelic "Cill Mhantin") and came to be known as the Feara Cualann ("Holy Men") from which the O'Cualann and O'Cuilleain are directly descended.
The significance of the most ancient celtic words "cualann", "cuileann" and "cuilieann" to the history and spiritual heritage of Ireland is why it was so widely used in the names of special individuals and importance place names.
In spite of the historic importance and ancient pedigree of the O'Cuilleain, they remained a minor sept in total numbers compared to other families. With much of the most ancient history of Ireland long destroyed and re-written, the O'Cuilleain have received relatively little attention from middle ages and modern historians.
It is from this bloodline that Frank O'Collins and the O'Collins in Australia originate, his great grandfather and great grandmother having emigrated from Ireland at the end of the 19th Century.
For more information on the Cuilleain/Cuileain see the Book of the Cuileann
For more information on the history of the Holly and Ireland, see the epic poem Lebor Clann Glas (The Book of the Green Race)
The O'Coilean (O'Collins)
'A great host with whom it is not fortunate to contend, the battle-trooped host of the O'Coileain.' 'OLD IRISH SAYING'
A more recent and much more common bloodline from the 1st Century BCE are the O'Coilean (O'Collins) , famous and feared warriors of ancient times. Unlike other clans, they mostly carried a tradition of not having beards.
The original Gaelic meaning for Coilean is "young warrior" or whelp/hound. In ancient Irish history, this sept had a famous and fearless reputation for their skill at battle and are the original source of the name Collins, now so common throughout England and the world.
The O'Coilean themselves are the direct ancestors of C Chulainn ("Cualann's Hound" or "Hound of the Holy Ones ") the famous hero of the Ulster Cycle from around 30 to 10 BCE. While the direct and obvious connection has long been forgotten or deliberately hidden, the Gaelic meaning of O'Coilean still connects their ancestor C Chulainn to them.
The Ulster Cycle Poems themselves bear strong resemblences to the famous myths concerning the trials of Hercules.
Due to pressures of defeat against the Anglo-Norman invaders, this sept was gradually driven south from County Limerick to settle in the same approximate area as the O'Cuilleain in West Cork and Cork around the end of the 12th Century. As a result, the two sept have been virtually impossible to geographically distinguish for the past eight hundred years.
The most ancient title of druids
Despite the antiquity of Cuileann/cuilieann to at least 2,000 BCE, the name itself is in fact a title, a composite of words of even more ancient origin-towards the dawn of the first language of Europe, often called PIE (proto-Indo-European).
In primitive Gaelic the words “eala” (swan) and “éan /éin” (bird) share strong similarity.
Given the importance of migratory birds to the ancient hunter gatherers of Ireland still adjusting to their isolation and end of traditional methods, it is almost certain these words also doubled as having the same meaning as “divine”.
In primitive Gaelic, we also have the word “coil” (woods) and “lia” (stone/physician).
So a combination of the probably most primitive Gaelic words of coil + lia+ éan would render a title something like “divine medicine man of the woods” or “divine holy man” a more accurate and likely title for the first druids.
So the cuileann, the O'Cuilleain (O'Collins), represent the literal titles of the first and true druid dynasty- the “divine medicine men of the woods”, the “divine holy men”.

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United Kingdom's Coat of Arms
Royal Ties to Jesus' Family
David Forever
Zarah Got There First
Ireland: Cradle of the Kings



When this prophecy of Nathan was given, Israel was at peace with everyone. In fact David ruled from the Euphrates to the Nile. There was peace, prosperity. The Israelites had finally settled down in one place and united as one nation under God and David. Well, then, how can Nathan come and say that God has appointed a place for Israel, He would plant them IN that place, from which they'd move no more, and be free from their old enemies? Weren't they IN their own place? Weren't they at peace with their enemies? And who was thinking of moving? We'll come back to these questions. Verses 11 through 13 don't look so unusual. They portray David's soon to come family history. David will be "made an house(dynasty), he will die a natural death, Solomon is to be king, Solomon will build the temple. And the followup is easily disconnected from David. It says that "his (Solomon's) throne shall be stablished forever." BUT, the first and last parts are very hard to accept. Well, the part about David's bloodline (his house) might be OK. David had a lot of kids and they all lived 3000 years ago, so there are probably some people around who come from David's bloodline. But can anyone believe that the last part is true? Does David's "throne" exist today? Today is part of forever, isn't it?

Let's go one step further in establishing the impossibility of this promise. We have to tie these two parts together. Psalms, Jeremiah and I Kings all say that the "house" and the "throne" go together. I Kings 2:4, "shall not fail thee a man on the throne of Israel." And did you notice how that statement adds a whole new dimension to the picture? Not only must there be a direct, bloodline descendant of David ruling, he or she must be ruling over some Israelites!! Is it possible that in today's modern world we can fulfill these conditions? Yes, but only through the teaching on the Lost Tribes


Old Testament Prophecy
Assyrian Tablets
Behistun Rock
They Went Thattaway: MigrationsRoyal House of BritainJeremiah and Tea Tephi
The Coronation Stone: Jacob's Pillar
The Great Seal of the United States
Pivot Point of History
Israel's Symbols and Heraldry
God Gets Fed Up:The Divorce
Hyksos to Satellites: A commentary
Composite Map of the House of Israel's MigrationsWho Are The Japanese?Royal PresidentsThe Book of Israel


What was Jesus mission?

Was it to cleanse the Temple? Hardly will this have worldwide ramifications.

Was it to feed the hungry? Lots of folks are still hungry.

Was it to heal? Then why didn't he heal more? And what about our sickness and infirmity?

Was it to cast out devils? For the Lucky few. (Did you know that the word Luck comes out of Lucifer?)

Was it to show God's reality by doing miracles? Only God could raise the dead. Too many people are dead for this to be Jesus' Mission. Besides, proving God's reality wasn't necessary back then.

These last five activities of Christ, while of value, don't fit with his statement of the Mission. Was the cleansing, feeding, healing, raising, and casting done for "lost sheep of the House of Israel?"

Was it to go preaching the Kingdom of God; clearly one of his main occupations? Now this, finally, can expand into the world frame. God's Kingdom will be the Earth, not one Nation. And though there is ample scripture to show that Jesus went preaching the Kingdom of God, what happened to that message after his death?

Was it to train up a small band of disciples? Was the Mission to give them certain wisdom to begin disseminating to the rest of the world?

Was it to send these disciples to humanity with a message of worldwide significance? It must have been so. But what was that message? It wasn't the message of salvation. He hadn't been crucified yet, remember? The message had to be that of the coming Kingdom.

Was it to pass the Wand of Dissemination of God's Message from the Jews to Britain? Britain? How did we get from God's coming Kingdom to Britain? Via those Apostles. They had no choice but to take that message to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel." Those were Jesus' explicit instructions. You'll find for the most part that the Apostles, and especially God's number One Apostle, Paul, went to the places where the Lost Tribes of Israel had settled. But the great bulk of the Lost Tribes people would come to live in the British Isles and northwest Europe, before spreading out to become the British Empire.

And even though the Message of God's Kingdom has been relegated in Christianity to a position inferior to salvation, it is still God's number One priority. Setting up His earthly Kingdom is the original plan that God began with the first creation. That was when He created the Angels and the original Universe, the whole of which was marred by Lucifer's Fall. It's the place in Jeremiah that has cities but no man. (4:23-26) With the help of His angels, God was in the process of filling out and decorating the original Universe. The angels messed up and God gave the job to Adam. We know what happened to him.

Isaiah 42:1--> The first four verses talk clearly of Christ. After four and three quarters verses, it says that, "the isles shall wait for his law." The British Isles will renew their strength while they wait for the first advent of Jesus. The isles will sing. (v10) The islands will declare God's praise. (v12) Verse sixteen describes the migrations of the Lost Tribes.

Isaiah 44:1-6 God pours out His Spirit on Israel. Don't be confused by all the different names given to Israel. For confirmation, see Joel 2:28-29, which Luke quotes in Acts 2:17-18 and Jeremiah alludes to in 31:33 when he tells of the "new covenant" that God will make with Israel.

Isaiah 49:1-6 The chapter starts out talking to "the isles," and clearly names them in verse three, "Israel." Then He talks about what Israel will accomplish. (v6)

  1. Raise up the tribes
  2. Restore the preserved of Israel
  3. Be a light to the Gentiles
  4. Be God's salvation to the end of the earth.

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Part II

"Hitler's war in Russia illustrated his total confidence in the occult powers which owned him and his willingness to sacrifice human lives. Hitler believed that his covenant with the occult powers enabled him to control the weather. He felt that the Russian winter would melt away before him as his forces invaded Russia. This belief was based on the occult theory of fire and ice. Hitler would be fire. Russia would be ice. He boldly sent his armies into Russia with no winter clothes and against the advice of his general staff. When the German offensive began to falter and young Germans began to die by the thousands, his generals begged him to order a retreat. Instead Hitler said 'Attack! As to the cold, I will see to that.' When the German offensive was halted within sight of Moscow, Hitler saw it only as a test, requiring more human sacrifice. He saw Stalingrad, however, as the true test, recognizing Stalingrad as the sacred city of the ancient Aryans. He felt that no amount of human suffering or death was too high a price to pay for its conquest, that if he were faithful to Satan at Stalingrad, he would be given final victory…" 50]
We should not fail to relate Hitler's metaphoric view of himself as "fire" to the present Charismatic "Revival of Fire" and also to the pagan worship of the solar god. The Theosophical Glossarydefines "Fire" thusly

Living). A figure of speech to denote deity, the 'One' life. A theurgic term, used later by the Rosicrucians. The symbol of the living fire is the sun, certain of whose rays develope the fire of life in a diseased body, impart the knowledge of the future to the sluggish mind, and stimulate to active function certain psychic and generally dormant faculty in man. The meaning is very occult

Exoterically, the nation of Germany was led to believe that the gods were purifying the human race; esoterically understood, however, they were beginning the process of annihilating mankind

"…the word 'holocaust,' comes from a third century Greek word 'Holokaustos,' referring to 'the burnt sacrificial offering of the Jews dedicated exclusively to God.' The Holocaust was Hitler's fiery offering of human sacrifice to Satan, just as in the days of the heathen Amorite god, Moloch. The bloodlust of the coming Anti-christ will continue in the tradition set by Hitler making Hitler's incredible hate seem moderate in comparison." 51

The ritual phallic cults throughout history have also engaged in human sacrifice. The ancient ruins of Stonehenge in England, revered in occult lore, are eerie monuments to the Druidic custom of human sacrifice. The noble savages, glorified byRobert Hicks, are clearly identified with this barbaric Druidic custom. In The Trojan Horse: How The New Age Movement Infiltrates The Church, Brenda Scott and Samantha Smith present a very different view of the noble savage than does Margaret Mead

Stuart Piggott, a respected archaeologist and recognized authority on Celtic history, agrees: ‘It is hardly realistic to exculpate the Druids from participation, probably active, in both the beliefs and practices involved in human sacrifice… The Druids were the wise men of barbarian Celtic society, and Celtic religion was their religion, with all its crudities. It is sheer romanticism and a capitulation to the myth of the noble savage to imagine that they stood by the sacrifices duty bound, but with disapproval on their faces and elevated thoughts in their minds.’" 52

Scott and Smith also associate the Order of Freemasons and the British Royal Family with the Druid tradition

Druid traditions were also preserved with Freemasonry, which is thought to have evolved from the Druids or at least alongside of them. This connection is addressed in Gould's History of Freemasonry. (James Bonwick, Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions, Salem N.H.: Ayer Co., 1984, p. 71) The three part structure of the masons is identical to the three offices of druidic priesthood: Ovates, Bards, and Druids. Also, ‘the secret teachings embodied therein are practically the same as the mysteries concealed under the allegories of Blue Lodge masonry.’ (Manly P. Hall, An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalist and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy, Los Angeles: The Philosophical Research Soc., 1977, XXIII]

Political and religious suppression forced the Druids to go underground. Many thought that the religion had disappeared, but it survived, handed down within families and villages to resurface again in the early eighteenth century. There are three main druidic colleges. . .In fact, druidism has become so accepted socially that Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales both accepted posts as honorary Druids in the Wales Gorsedd. (Sophie Moore, The Gnosis Interview). . .By 1988, there were estimated to be over one million adepts (spiritual masters) and the movement is growing." 53

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India’s (Jewish) Mother

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India’s (Jewish) Mother

How Mirra Alfassa went from being a French bohemian to an Indian goddes

By Michelle Goldberg | Mar 11, 2010 7:00 AM | Print |

Mirra Alfassa in Pondicherry, circa 1969.

Sri Aurobindo Ashra

Outside the Manakula Vinayagar temple in Pondicherry, a former French colony in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, a temple elephant named Lakshmi collects offerings of rupees with her trunk, blessing devotees and tourists alike with a pat on the head. White curlicues are painted on her face, bells hang around her neck, and silver jewelry adorns her ankles. Behind her, little stalls sell religious knickknacks—faux-sandalwood figurines of Hindu gods and a great profusion of framed pictures. It looks, in other words, like thousands of other temples throughout India, until you examine the pictures more closely. They’re of an old woman with hooded eyes and a cryptic closed-mouth smile who looks a bit like Hannah Arendt. Everyone refers to her as “The Mother,” but she was born Mirra Alfassa. The de facto goddess of this town is a Sephardic Jew from France

From it, I learned about Alfassa’s early life in Paris in the late years of the 19th century, her art-school education and career as a painter, and her journey through Parisian occultist circles. “As a painter and wife of a painter, Mirra associated with artists, musicians and writers—among them Matisse, Auguste Rodin, Cesar Franck, Anatole France and Emile Zola,” Heehs writes. She reached adulthood in the midst of the Dreyfus affair, so while she was secular, her Judaism must have marked her. Perhaps it influenced her quest for a universal spirituality that could unite all of humanity.

For a while, Mirra was a follower of a mysterious figure named Max Théon (né Bimstein), a Polish Jew who had founded an organization called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor in Algeria, whose precepts may have been based on Kabbalah. So, by the time Mirra met Aurobindo, she was a seasoned spiritual seeker. She ended up in Pondicherry in 1914, when her second husband, a French lawyer named Paul Richard, sought political office there. At the time, the colony was still a part of France—indeed, that’s why Aurobindo made it his home. Before turning to spirituality, the Cambridge-educated Aurobindo had been an Indian freedom fighter and sought safety in French territory when he was wanted by the British.

Her teaching is almost indecipherable unless you’re willing to enter fully into her mental and symbolic world. One key event in her cosmology, for example, is “The Descent of the Supermind,” which is said to have happened on February 29, 1956. This involves a vision in which Mirra, in a “form of living gold, bigger than the universe,” shattered a massive golden door separating the worldly from the divine.
Yet as ethereal as all this sounds, Mirra, who died in 1973, succeeded in making some of her visions strikingly concrete. About eight kilometers outside of Pondicherry is Auroville, a utopian community Mirra founded in 1968 with the aim, as she wrote, of realizing human unity and hastening “the advent of supramental Reality upon earth.” Today, about 2,000 people from around 30 countries live there, spread out between 100 or so settlements with names like Sincerity and Surrender. Almost half are Indians, but there are hundreds of Europeans, around 75 Americans, a couple of dozen Israelis, and handfuls from countries are far-flung as Ethiopia, Japan, and Brazil. It’s separate from the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry—indeed, since The Mother’s death, there have been some ugly legal battles between the two institutions. But she’s worshipped in both places.

The Matrimandir, or Temple of the Mother, in Auroville.
CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Aurovillians, as they call themselves, are free to build their own houses, though they don’t own them—everything belongs to Auroville. There are fairly basic huts but also big modernist homes—I saw one, in a settlement of mostly French and German families, with a small pool. A few hundred feet away was a café and gallery that I was told served Israeli food, but it was Saturday, and it was closed. Throughout Auroville, there are all sorts of experimental projects going on, many related to sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. It feels like a cross between a commune and the Dharma Initiative.

In the center of the community, both geographically and physically, is a massive spherical gold-plated structure called the Matmandir, or Temple of the Mother. According to Mirra, it is the “symbol of the Divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection.” It looks like some sort of UFO and leaves one agog at Mirra’s spiritual audacity.

She wasn’t the first Jew who sought to remake the world into a place where ethnic and nationalist categories were obsolete. And Auroville, which Mirra imagined as a futuristic city of 50,000 that would transform the world, has obviously fallen short of that goal. Living there, with its strange combination of anarchism and cultish orthodoxy, would probably be a nightmare. Still, its very existence in this obscure, murderously hot place has a touch of the miraculous about it.
Michelle Goldberg is the author of Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism and The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World.’s-jewish-mother/

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2015, Prince William turns 33

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According to reports by the BBC and the Guardian (UK), Princess Diana stated to her lawyers in October 1995 that the Queen (now 82) would abdicate. Maggie Rae, Diana's former divorce lawyer said that Diana predicted the succession to the throne would skip a generation and that her son, Prince William, would be made king. Diana confided in Rae "several times" that she had reason to believe William would be picked over Charles. The Princess achieved "goddess" status and won the hearts, minds, adoration and sympathy of the world when she reportedly died in the arms of a Muslim man. As the look-alike "perfect" son of a goddess, Prince William is the most eligible candidate for the role of leader of the New World Order when he emerges in 2015 with a global "peace plan".


No public figure is immune to bad publicity except one - Prince William. The Rothschild controlled Associated Press have protected their "demi-god" from all criticism, scandal and tabloid attacks on his character by enforcing a "hands off" policy and by tightening the choke chain on journalists. To keep their jobs, journalists must portray William as the responsible, handsome, self-effacing heir to the throne. By contrast, William's carrot-topped, pot-smoking, boozing brother Harry is portrayed as the bad Prince who parties too hard and has been caught wearing a Nazi uniform.


London's Daily Mirror reports that a majority of Britons want Prince William as their next British monarch instead of Prince Charles. According to opinion polls, over 75% want to retain the monarchy and 81 per cent feel that Queen Elizabeth II should consider stepping down soon. Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond commented that Prince Charles seems to have a real image problem caused by the breakdown of his marriage to Diana.


There are three books which map out a plot for global control. Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma , the Illuminati's Protocols of Sion and The Holy Bible's Book Of Revelation . All three texts describe an apocalypse or third world war which will give rise to one world ruler. In 2015, William turns 33 which is the ascended number in Freemasonry. Hints of William's identity as World Ruler are concealed in coded Bible prophecy, in his coat of arms and in the genealogy charts of the British Royal family.

In 1995, Prince Charles had William "marked" in his right hand with an electronic chip. (???)

The media downplayed it as a homing device that would interact with a special satellite in case Prince William were ever kidnapped. This microchip is thought to be the same etchnology that may one day be used to enslave the world's population so that they can't buy, sell or participate in society unless they are 'marked.'

The Book Of Revelation clearly states, "Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." The Antichrist or "beast" is identified as the number 666.

[When Prince William is crowned King, his name will be KING WILLIAM V. Hidden within his name is the number 666 in Roman numerals. The Roman numeral "I" appears three times in his name and the Roman numeral "V" also appears 3 times in his name. The letter "W" is two "V's" placed side by side. The number 666 in Roman numerals is VI, VI, VI all of which appear in King William V's name and so do the words, "I AM". His name is a confession. "I AM 666".] >>that's a stretch lol!

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Re: Royal geneologies

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