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The National Socialist Party of America - MORE BS Empty The National Socialist Party of America - MORE BS

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The National Socialist Party of America was a Chicago-based organization founded in 1970 by Frank Collin shortly after he left the National Socialist White People's Party. The NSWPP had been the American Nazi Party until shortly after the assassination of leader George Lincoln Rockwell in 1967. Collin, a follower of Rockwell, developed differences with his successor Matt Koehl.

The party's headquarters were in Chicago's Marquette Park, and its main activity in the early 1970s was organizing loud demonstrations against blacks moving into previously all-white neighborhoods. The marches and community reaction led the city of Chicago to ban all demonstrations in Marquette Park unless they paid an insurance fee of $250,000. While challenging the city's actions in the courts, the party decided to redirect its attention to Chicago's suburbs which had no such restrictions.
[edit]Skokie Affair

In 1977 Collin announced the party's intention to march through the largely Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois where one in six residents was a Holocaust survivor. A legal battle ensued when the village attempted to ban the event, and the party, represented by a Jewish ACLU lawyer in court, won the right to march on First Amendment grounds in National Socialist Party v. Village of Skokie, a lawsuit carried all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, though it failed to carry through its intention (at the last minute, Chicago relented and they marched there instead). The notoriety gained from this incident led to the party being spoofed in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers.


The National Socialist Party of America - MORE BS FrankCollin

Francis Cohen (centre)

Francis Joseph "Frank" Collin (born Francis Joseph Cohen, November 3, 1944) was the leader of the NAZI Party of America.

The Nazis are secretly Zionists, and the Zionists are secretly Nazis.

The US government, whether Democrat or Republican, is Nazi and Zionist.

They use terror to keep themselves in power.


the cheap sets, the cheap acting, the cheap garbage.
so tired of it all.


Francis Joseph "Frank" Collin (born Francis Joseph Cohen, November 3, 1944) formerly served as the leader of the National Socialist Party of America. In the late 1970s, its plan to march in the predominantly Jewish suburb of Skokie, Illinois resulted in a case that went to the United States Supreme Court. Its ruling on the march was a major First Amendment decision, National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie (1979), which ruled that the party had a right to march and to display a swastika. Collin lost his position in the party when his Jewish ancestry was revealed.

While president of the NSPA, Frank Collin was arrested by Michigan police while having sex with a pair of 10-year-old boys. These revelations led to his dismissal from the neo-Nazi movement. A psychiatrist who interviewed Collin declared that he was "consumed by hatred for his father"; it was argued that Collin rejected his father by becoming a neo-Nazi and adopting and publicly espousing antisemitic beliefs. Collin was convicted of child molestation and sent to Pontiac Correctional Center in 1979.[2] He served three years of a seven-year sentence.



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