Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church

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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Driscoll's Confessions

Post by zone on Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:52 pm


Driscoll: Writing for the furtherance of the emerging church:

“Now that the time has come to write, I am presenting this book as a contribution toward the furtherance of the emerging church in the emerging culture.” (Radical Reformission, p.17)

“I invite you to turn the page and begin a radical journey with me as we explore what life in Christ can mean in the context of an emerging church in a changing world.” (Radical Reformission, p.23)

What kind of “gospel” does the emerging church proclaim?

“The emerging church proclaims a gospel of freedom.” (Confessions, p. 25)

Why did Driscoll start Mars Hill Church?

“So I decided to start a church, for three reasons. First, I hated going to church and wanted one I liked, so I thought I would just start my own. Second, God had spoken to me in one of those weird charismatic moments and told me to start a church. Third, I am scared of God and try to do what he says.” (Confessions, p.39)

Driscoll’s vision for his Church:

“I envisioned a large church that hosted concerts for non-Christian bands and fans on a phat sound system, embraced the arts, trained young men to be godly husbands and fathers, planted other churches, and led people to work with Jesus Christ as missionaries to our city.” (Confessions, p.40)

Just a few minor problems in the secular music ministry:

“In its first few years, the Paradox [a secular music ministry of Driscoll’s church] hosted about 650 concerts for about 65,000 kids. We have had only a few minor problems, like the Japanese punk band that got naked during their set for no apparent reason and another band that set off fireworks during their show.” (Confessions, p.127)

No position on stealing?

“Our church services started to stink a whole lot less. We scraped together enough money to buy some big honking speakers, and I stole an unused sound console from my old church along with a projection screen, which were sins that Jesus thankfully died to forgive.” (Confessions, p.62)

Stolen Electricity?

“We never paid for electricity in our office apartment because the building was illegally hooked up to the power grid and all our power was stolen.” (Confessions, p.125)

Driscoll’s R-rated sermons on sex:

“Some of the sermons on sex were R-rated, and we gave warnings to parents and sometimes saw whole visiting youth groups walk out blushing halfway through the sermon. On other occasions, people walked out during the sermon and flipped me off on their way out, a trend that has continued.” (Confessions, p.134)

Just an occasional R-rated movie at church:

“Pastor James continues to lead our monthly film and theology class, at which attendance rises to more than two hundred people depending on the film. He continues to show an occasional unedited R-rated movie to train our people to think critically about the themes preached through film, which is the new cultural form of preaching.” (Confessions, p.157)

A passion for “cool?”

“I had grown facial hair, started cussing again (I had stopped for about fifteen minutes after I got saved), and briefly considered taking up smoking but had asthma, which kept me from achieving my full cool potential.” (Confessions, p.50)

Tithing and cussing issues?

“Apparently, the Ghost only led people to give once every presidential election, and I hit rock bottom one Sunday when our offering was $137. I stood alone in the room, counting the money and cussing at the offering box for being filled with one-dollar bills and the ominous smell of imminent death.” (Confessions, p.47)

Gambling for God?

“I occasionally bought lottery tickets and promised God I would tithe if he’d let me win, but to no avail.” (Confessions, p.58)

Why does Driscoll continue to be thought of as the “cussing pastor?”

“This season [at church] was messy and I sinned and cussed a lot, but God somehow drew a straight line with my crooked Philistine stick.” (Confessions, p.130)

Teaching the men of Mars Hill the essentials of life:

“We also began a ‘boot camp’ for our young men, teaching them how to get a wife, have sex with that wife, get a job, budget money, buy a house, father a child, study the Bible, stop looking at porn, and brew decent beer.” (Confessions, p.131)

Why the confusion in Driscoll’s church?

“I also did not explain in written form that we were theologically conservative and culturally liberal, which caused great confusion because half of the church was angry that the other half was smoking, while the other half was angry that I taught from the Bible.” (Confessions, p.46)

(Driscoll also writes about being “culturally liberal yet theologically conservative” in his book, “Radical Reformission,” p.22)

Adam and Eve: “Happy, horny [and] holy?”

“The Bible could end right there [in Genesis], after only two chapters, with the man and woman naked, eating fruit, and trying to fill the earth all by their happy, horny, holy selves.” (Radical Reformission, p.28)

Abraham: “a cowardly old man?”

“As time rolls along, God also works through a cowardly old man named Abraham, who is happy to whore out his loving and beautiful antique of a wife to avoid conflict.” (Radical Reformission, p.28)

Driscoll speaks of Mary and Joseph:

“And to top it all off, God comes to earth. He has a mom whom everyone thinks is a slut, a dad whom they think has the brilliance of a five-watt bulb for believing the ‘virgin birth’ line, and brothers who likely pummel him frequently, because even God would have to get at least one wedgie from his brothers if he were to be fully human.” (Radical Reformission, p.29)

Jesus telling “knock-knock jokes?”

“To the religious leaders, Jesus is a scandal – his followers are felons – and every time they see Jesus, it agitates them that he is always surrounded by a crowd, telling knock-knock jokes to miscreants who love his sense of humor (because his perfection had to have included comedic timing).” (Radical Reformission, p.30)

Jesus kicks off His ministry as a “bartender?”

“Anyway, Jesus shows up at the wedding and begins his public ministry. God has come to earth, and he kicks things off as a bartender.” (Radical Reformission, p.30)

A steady diet of the things of this world will make us better missionaries?

“I am encouraging Christians on reformission to involve themselves in their local cultures not merely for the purpose of entertainment but primarily for the purpose of education. As a missionary, you will need to watch television shows and movies, listen to music, read books, peruse magazines, attend events, join organizations, surf websites, and befriend people that you might not like to better understand people that Jesus loves.” (Radical Reformission, p.103)

Driscoll: Repenting of his sin of abstinence from alcohol?

“After I entered the ministry as a man of legal drinking age, the drum was again repeatedly beaten for me by well-meaning older pastors. So I never drank alcohol until I was thirty years of age. About that time, I was studying the Scriptures for a sermon about Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine, as reported in John’s gospel, a miracle that Jesus performed when he was about my age. My Bible study convicted me of my sin of abstinence from alcohol. So in repentance I drank a hard cider over lunch with our worship pastor.” (Radical Reformission, p.146)

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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Re: Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church

Post by PneumaPsucheSoma on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:02 pm

Cultural relevance is irrelevant. :-)


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Mark Driscoll Steps Down as Leader of Acts 29; Resigns From Gospel Coalition

Post by zone on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:12 pm

Mark Driscoll Steps Down as Leader of Acts 29; Resigns From Gospel Coalition

By Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter
March 29, 2012|8:58 am

Acts 29 Network cofounder Pastor Mark Driscoll has stepped down from the reins of the successful global church planting organization to make room for Pastor Matt Chandler as president, it was announced Wednesday.


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Fired Mars Hill Church Pastor Releases History

Post by zone on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:16 pm

March 19, 2012

My Story

By Jonna Petry

This past summer I saw the movie, “The Help”, and a seed of courage was planted in my soul. One of the last lines of the movie:

God says we need to love our enemies. It hard to do. But it can start by telling the truth. No one had ever asked me what it feel like to be me. Once I told the truth about that, I felt free.

This story is an earnest attempt to speak the truth in love that freedom and new life may flourish.

My husband Paul and I started visiting Mars Hill Church back in the summer of 2001. I had recently read and loved J.I. Packer’s classic, Knowing God, and was finding great solace and security in a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty. In those days, Mars Hill Church was about 400 members. There were not many families with children. And we came with five – our oldest 12 and our baby just turned one. We were very warmly embraced. Our family was rather ooo’ed and ahh’ed over. We seemed to have found a place where we were wanted and where we could lovingly serve (even if the music was completely unfamiliar to our ears.) And, what we didn’t realize, where our pride would be amply fed as well.....

cont. at site....

more from joyful exiles:

Fired Mars Hill Church Pastor Releases History

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
Those who do not remember the past will have it rewritten for them. Well, not in this case. Not anymore. Four and half years ago, I was fired from Mars Hill Church because I refused to resign under pressure. I was a pastor on staff, an elder, and an officer of the corporation along with a group of other men. I spent months seeking formal reconciliation and years hoping for a better course. I have not spoken about these matters publicly until now. With the mounting stories and “histories” coming out regarding Mars Hill Church, it no longer seems right or beneficial to remain silent....

see link to site:


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Re: Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church

Post by zone on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:21 pm

Joyful Exiles Timeline (record of spiritual abuse leading to shunning and abuse of the Petrys by this CULT figure Driscoll):


2001 – 2006

MARS HILL – Core Values, What We Believe
MARS HILL Membership Covenant
BYLAWS prior to 11-01-2007


ELDERS’ Wives Meeting Teaching Notes re: The Testing of Our Faith - Jonna


ELDERS’ Wives Invitation to Prayer 09-06-2007 – Jonna

SEPTEMBER 26, 2007

COVER LETTER to Pastor Jamie Munson re: recommended edits
to proposed BYLAWS
– Paul

Suggested Edits to proposed MH Bylaws - Paul

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

EMAIL from Jamie Munson re: after hours “mandatory meeting”

AUDIO LINK to full final Nehemiah sermon, “Fathers & Fighting,” preached by Mark Driscoll that night.
AUDIO LINK to shortened clip with highlights of the “Fathers & Fighting” sermon. Immediately after preaching the sermon, Mark Driscoll walked off the stage and entered the secret “mandatory” meeting where Bent Meyer and Paul were fired and threatened.

OCTOBER 1, 2007

EMAIL to the Executive Elders after the firing - Paul
EMAIL to the MH Elders after firing - Paul
YOUR ACCUSERS – Insider email received from an Elder “friend”
EMAIL REPLY to Paul’s plea from the EXECUTIVE ELDERS/SCOTT THOMAS re: so-called request for trial & heading up “Elder Investigation Taskforce (EIT)”
(Scott Thomas was one of the executive elders in the room when Mark Driscoll fired & threatened Bent Meyer & Paul. In this email, Scott stated that he is the “Lead Mediator” and he is heading up the “Elder Investigation TaskForce” and, “This process is not a witch-hunt, but rather an exercise in the gospel…”)
OFFICIAL Termination letter from Jamie Munson

OCTOBER 2, 2007

IMPORTANT Message from the Lead Pastor
(Letter announcing firings of Paul & Bent posted to MH Members website)

OCTOBER 10, 2007

EMAIL from SCOTT THOMAS to Paul: “your presence will not be necessary” at your TRIAL

OCTOBER 14, 2007

STATEMENT for 10-15-2007 TRIAL - Paul

OCTOBER 16, 2007

STATEMENT from the Elders posted on MH Members’ website
(re: outcome of Paul’s “trial”)

OCTOBER 16, 2007

EMAIL from Zach Hubert restoring Paul to “full membership”

OCTOBER 25, 2007

UPDATED Member Communication (Posted to MH Members website in an effort to quell the uproar)

MY CONFESSION and REQUEST for REDRESS of Grievances - Paul

OCTOBER 31, 2007 – November 2, 2007

REPLY email to Brad House
EMAIL EXCHANGE between Brad House and Paul

NOVEMBER 2, 2007

EMAIL Resigning MHC Membership - Paul
RESPONSE email from Mark to email resigning Membership
RESPONSE email from Jamie to email resigning Membership

NOVEMBER 4, 2007

MH MEMBERS’ Questions posted on MHC Website in response to “Ask the Elders Anything” (Members were allowed to ask questions during a 72-hour window of time – then the website was permanently shut down.)

NOVEMBER 9, 2007

ELDERS’ 142-Page Document in Response to Members’ Questions
(includes a four-page cover letter by Mark Driscoll)

NOVEMBER 18, 2007

The Seattle Times, Janet Tu, Firing of Pastors Roils Mars Hill Church

DECEMBER 5, 2007

MH Church website forum – Jamie Munson “Update on Paul Petry”
(Post to members re: Paul’s “discipline” = shunning)

JANUARY 11, 2008

BENT MEYER’S Letter to the MH Elders, Correcting Exaggerated Communication

JANUARY 26, 2008

APPEAL letter to Mark for retraction of Shunning & for Reconciliation
APPEAL letter to Jamie for retraction of Shunning & for Reconciliation

JANUARY 29, 2008

Jamie’s first response to Paul’s appeal

JANUARY 30, 2008

Jamie’s second response to Paul’s appeal

FEBRUARY 4, 2008

LAST LETTER to Mark, Jamie, and the MH Elders - Paul

JANUARY 6, 2009

The New York Times, Molly Worthen, Who Would Jesus Smack Down?

MAY 15, 2009

JOHN PIPER Addresses Mark Driscoll/MacArthur Issue at Basics Conference, by Joel Taylor

MAY 6, 2010

Justin Taylor, An Interview with Mark Driscoll on “Doctrine
(Mark Driscoll: “We canceled out the membership of everyone in our church…”)

JULY 14, 2011

Christianity Today, Bobby Ross, Jr., Sex, Money…Pride? Why Pastors Are Stepping Down

JANUARY 1, 2012

CURRENT MHC Membership Covenant

JANUARY 23, 2012

Matthew Paul Turner, Mark Driscoll’s Church Discipline Contract: Looking For True Repentance at Mars Hill Church? Sign on the Dotted Line.

JANUARY 24, 2012

Matthew Paul Turner, Mark Driscoll’s ‘Gospel Shame’: The Truth About Discipline, Excommunication, and Cult-like Control at Mars Hill

JANUARY 26, 2012

Matthew Paul Turner, Spiritual Abuse Must Stop

JANUARY 29, 2012

BENT MEYER – Online Post – Fired Mars Hill Elder Breaks His Silence

FEBRUARY 2, 2012

Slate, Ruth Graham, A Shunning In Seattle

FEBRUARY 12, 2012

Theology for Women, Andy & Wendy Alsup, Our Review of Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll
(“I haven’t mentioned Mark Driscoll or Mars Hill on this blog in the 4 years since I stepped back from leading women’s ministry there…In light of this, silence on these issues no longer seems the righteous choice.”)

FEBRUARY 17, 2012

Christianity Today, Ted Olson, Mars Hill Says It Released Leaders Over Church Discipline Cases

MARCH 7, 2012

World Net Daily, David Kupelian, The Church of Sex


“One Anothering Verses” by Robert W. Kellemen, Ph.D
Joyful Exiles: Life in Christ on the Dangerous Edge of Things by James Houston
Chrysalis:The Hidden Journey in the Transformation of Faith by Alan Jamieson
The Leadership Paradox: A Challenge to Servant Leadership in a Power Hungry World by Denny Gunderson
Leading with Love by Alexander Strauch
Biblical Eldership, by Alexander Strauch
Agape Leadership: Lessons in Spiritual Leadership from the Life of R.C. Chapman by Robert L. Peterson & Alexander Strauch
“Authoritarianism in the Church” by Steve Martin
Recovering from Church Abuse by Len Hjalmarson
Broken Hearts-Shattered Trust, by Dr. John K. Setser
Barb Orlowski, Ph.D., Church Exiters, Ministering Restoration
Pure Provender – Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources

Counselors in Seattle area who deal with issues of spiritual abuse:

Northwest Family Life
Sarah Groen-Colyn, Psychologist, Ph.D
Denny Gunderson, MA, LMHC
Paradigm Counseling of Puget Sound


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Re: Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church

Post by zone on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:34 pm

AUDIO Clip - A short clip of highlights from the “Fathers & Fighting”
sermon preached by Mark Driscoll on September 30, 2007, just before
he walked off stage to fire and threaten Bent Meyer and Paul Petry.

The New York Times:

Driscoll has little patience for dissent. In 2007, two elders protested a plan to reorganize the church that, according to critics, consolidated power in the hands of Driscoll and his closest aides. Driscoll told the congregation that he asked advice on how to handle stubborn subordinates from a “mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighter, good guy” who attends Mars Hill. “His answer was brilliant,” Driscoll reported. “He said, ‘I break their nose.’” When one of the renegade elders refused to repent, the church leadership ordered members to shun him. One member complained on an online message board and instantly found his membership privileges suspended. “They are sinning through questioning,” Driscoll preached.


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Mark Driscoll: “Cessationism is Worldliness”

Post by zone on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:37 pm

LOL! welp, since driscoll says cessationism is worldliness, i'm on the right track. *snicker*Razz

Mark Driscoll: “Cessationism is Worldliness”

The audio below is an excerpt from a talk Mark Driscoll gave on the four distinctives of what he calls the "New Reformed" movement, i.e. new calvinism, which basically is an attempt to combine reformed theology and charismatic theology.

Now, we have an old saying where I come from and it’s this: That dog won’t hunt. In other words, won’t work. It can’t because it’s truth + error, and we all know what that is….heresy.

This 16+ minutes demonstrates Driscoll’s approach to the question of continualism vs. cessationism. The original video of the talk can be found here.

Driscoll argues that, if you are a cessationist, you may not only be a deist, but worldly....


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Re: Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church

Post by zone on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:39 pm

looks like we have some new entries at the UCR site (haven't been there in awhile):

The Ultimate Cessationism Resource


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Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church - Page 3 Empty Re: Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church

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