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Post by zone on Sun May 13, 2012 9:38 pm

today my pastor delivered one of the best, most amazing sermons i've ever heard....John 15:9 and more.

can't say how many sermons i've listened to in 9 years, but its in the thousands.

this one is right up at the top - when you hear a real sermon you know its the Holy Spirit, testifying about Jesus, making God known. AMAZING.

too bad, though...our church is so old skool, he doesn't even record his sermons...if i can get him to print me a copy, i'll ask if i can reprint it here.

an awesome assembly today.

thank You Lord.

check out this old hymn by luther! LOL! love it.

"Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice"
by Martin Luther, 1483-1546

1. Dear Christians, one and all, rejoice,
With exultation springing,
And, with united heart and voice
And holy rapture singing,
Proclaim the wonders God hath done,
How His right arm the victory won;
Right dearly it hath cost Him.

2. Fast bound in Satan's chains I lay,
Death brooded darkly o'er me,
Sin was my torment night and day,
In sin my mother bore me;
Yea, deep and deeper still I fell,
Life had become a living hell,
So firmly sin possessed me.

3. My own good works availed me naught,
No merit they attaining;
Free will against God's judgment fought,
Dead to all good remaining.
My fears increased till sheer despair
Left naught but death to be my share;
The pangs of hell I suffered.

4. But God beheld my wretched state
Before the world's foundation,
And, mindful of His mercies great,
He planned my soul's salvation.
A father's heart He turned to me,
Sought my redemption fervently:
He gave His dearest Treasure.

5. He spoke to His beloved Son:
'Tis time to have compassion.
Then go, bright Jewel of My crown,
And bring to man salvation;
From sin and sorrow set him free,
Slay bitter death for him that he
May live with Thee forever.

6. This Son obeyed His Father's will,
Was born of virgin mother,
And God's good pleasure to fulfill,
He came to be my Brother.
No garb of pomp or power He wore,
A servant's form, like mine, He bore,
To lead the devil captive.

7.To me He spake: Hold fast to Me,
I am thy Rock and Castle;
Thy Ransom I Myself will be,
For thee I strive and wrestle;
For I am with thee, I am thine,
And evermore thou shalt be Mine;
The Foe shall not divide us.

8. The Foe shall shed My precious blood,
Me of My life bereaving.
All this I suffer for thy good;
Be steadfast and believing.
Life shall from death the victory win,
My innocence shall bear thy sin;
So art thou blest forever.

9. Now to My Father I depart,
The Holy Spirit sending
And, heavenly wisdom to impart,
My help to thee extending.
He shall in trouble comfort thee,
Teach thee to know and follow Me,
And in all truth shall guide thee.

10. What I have done and taught, teach thou,
My ways forsake thou never;
So shall My kingdom flourish now
And God be praised forever.
Take heed lest men with base alloy
The heavenly treasure should destroy;
This counsel I bequeath thee.

Hymn 387
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: Rom. 3: 28
Author: Martin Luther, 1523
Translated by: Richard Massie, 1854, alt.
Titled: "Nun freut euch, liebe Christen g'mein"
Tune: "Nun freut euch"
1st Published in: Etlich' christliche Lieder
Town: Wittenberg, 1524

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Lutheran Empty Re: Lutheran

Post by zone on Thu May 17, 2012 3:23 am

interesting trip through Revelation by Pastor Lassman

Download (right click and save)
1. Revelation Bible Study Introduction and Overview
2. Revelation 1:1-5
3. Revelation 1:6-11
4. Revelation 1:11-20
5. Revelation 2:1-11
6. Revelation 2:12-29
7. Revelation 3:1-13
8. Revelation 1:14-22
9. Revelation 4:1-11
10. Revelation 5:-1-5
11. Revelation 5:6-10
12. Revelation 5:11-6:9
13. Revelation 6:10-16
14. Revelation 7:1-14
15. Revelation 7:15-8:5
16. Revelation 8:6-13
17. Revelation 9:1-19
18. Revelation 9:20-21
19. Revelation 10:1-7
20. Revelation 10:8-10
21. Revelation 11:1-5
22. Revelation 11:6-10
23. Revelation 11:11-19
24. Revelation 12:1-6
Revelation 12:6-12 (no audio avalable)
Revelation 12:12-15 (no audio avalable)
25. Revelation 12:15-13:2
26. Revelation 13:2-4
27. Revelation 13:5-8
28. Revelation 13:9-11
29. Revelation 13:12-13
30. Revelation 13:14-17
Revelation 13:18 (no audio avalable)
31. Revelation 14:1-5
32. Revelation 14:6-8
33. Revelation 14:9-13
34. Revelation 14:14-15:8
35. Revelation 16:1-6
36. Revelation 16:7-21
37. Revelation 17:1-11
38. Revelation 17:12-18
Revelation 18:1-20 (no audio avalable)
39. Revelation 18:21-19:10
40. Revelation 19:18
41. Revelation 19:19-20:3
42. Revelation 20:4-10
43. Revelation 20:11-15
44. Revelation 21:1-8
45. Revelation 21:9-17
46. Revelation 22:1-7
47. Revelation 22:8-13
48. Revelation 22:14-21


maybe its a Lutheran thing...but i love pastor Lassman...listened to many teachings over the years - he's one reason i became a confessional lutheran.

another influence (tested and tried over years) is chris rosebrough (i've listened to every podcast he's ever done, at least once. wait eagerly or the next one): << HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on a daily/weekly basis << huge files, but fascinating, and sad...but funny too (Lutherans retain a sense of humor..another reason i am a Lutheran)

important to note - the Lutheran church SPLIT into two distinct groups - LCMS in the US (Confessional, conservative, no compromise), and ELCA (liberal, ecumenical, and i'll personally say some are falling into apostasy - women ordained; homosexual marriage and ordination; charismaticism; dispensationalism/xtian zionism....all the stuff the other churches want but LCMS wouldn't budge on - LCMS refuses to change AT ALL - which is one big reason i chose it - or.....God delivered me there. i need it).

(i'm LCMS, known by other acronyms in other nations, i.e.: in Canada is LCC) they're not perfect, but on my knees i thank God for delivering me to this church.

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