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Post by zone on Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:36 pm

without going into it, i discovered the research of someone who has thoroughly vetted all the people who entered the Prex race this time around.

newt and santorum are a real surprise. both claiming to be catholic....their backgrounds and stuff would likely not shock anyone at this forum, but put simply, if we think for a moment there is anyone who isn't totally in on what's going down, and in it up to their necks, i've got the details. followed up myself and its actually pretty sad. astonishing how much control.

what really baffles me is why all the trouble to cover up and pretend? so much energy. why not just by up front about who they are? about who they all are? i guess there's something in the hearts of deceivers that enjoys the game.

oh well....

on another note, listened ot an AMAZING podcast by a young Christian fella. just a regular guy. he passed on incredible wisdom re: some studying he'd been doing on patriotism and nationalism.

we know those things as they are today are actually terrible forms of idolatry. but the way the lad presented his ideas really inspired me a lot. he talked about his studies into the first centuries of christianity and the early believers refusal to fight in wars etc (until constantine)...and examined the progression up to today, actually beginning with the 17-1800's...until we have what we have today - the dreadful cult of CZ, which equates murder over flags and borders with Jesus.

again....i shake my head in amazement at the craftiness of satan: the Scofield coup. jusT amazing.

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