Murder in the Vatican: The CIA and the Bolshevik Pontiff

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Murder in the Vatican: The CIA and the Bolshevik Pontiff

Post by zone on Wed May 18, 2011 12:24 pm

In God's Name: An Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I [Paperback]

Until 1983, the Vatican's strategy suppressed the record of the liberal 33 day pope and the circumstances of his mysterious death. In 1984, David Yallop did a riveting job in proving the case for murder. In 1985, the Vatican issued a biographical brief which was published by anonymous clergy in Catholic countries. It painted him out to be a man who ignored the issues of his day and spent his life on his knees. Nothing is further from the truth. For twenty years he had been a rampaging locomotive running about the Vatican, the courts and Parliament of Italy struggling for human rights for the oppressed, the reason he had risen to the papacy.

Many books have been written about his unwitnessed death. I would give only two of them five stars. The 2007 edition of 'In God's Name' and the 2010 edition of 'Murder in the Vatican' (see link below) by Lucien Gregoire. Be sure to get the latest editions as, being investigations, older editions of these books don't tell the whole story.

Whereas no one will walk away from either of these books without the conviction this man was murdered, there is a difference. Yallop claims the Pope was murdered because of his involvement in the Vatican Bank. Gregoire too involves the Vatican Bank in what he calls "The Vatican-Contra Affair." Yet he goes further: he proves two Opus Dei bishops, who rose to high rank shortly after the Polish pope was elected, conspired with the CIA and British Intelligence in the murders of John Paul and a dozen of his closest allies involved in the war on poverty in the fall of 1978.

Yet, the credit goes mostly to Yallop, for had he not written his book, all the others would have never written their books.

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