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Putin's Russia

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Putin's Russia Empty Putin's Russia

Post by zone Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:53 pm

obviously i don't know Putin personally, and what i do know doesn't convince me he is the kindest person on earth. he's still kgb. But I'm pleased with some of his movements.

Putin has managed in a remarkably short time to revive and reintroduce Christianity to the people.

He claims to be a baptised beliver - he attends church and assures his help in helping encourage safe growth, understanding it is necessary to build a strong country again, one which is built upon family and social values in the Bible. beyond that i'm not concerned with his religion - how much is genuine and how much is political expediency.

It's the problem this has caused for the jews i am looking at.

we know Putin arrested and siezed the property, and jailed or exiled the jewish oligarchs (who were simply the leaders of the 'people's commie party' LOL. billionaire marxists who got the stuff from the dead christians)

Putin jailed and tossed out the oligarchs and allowed the church to revive and refresh. Christianity is back to life in Russia after the unspeakable horros of the jews attempts to wipe ouy Yeshu (as they fondly refer to him).

there was a huge exodus from Russis to Israel under Putin: wouldn't that make him pro-jew? pro-zionist?

Some of us are all too aware Christianity was virtually wiped out by the Bolsheviks (jews) as they killed the Christians and destroyed the churches. here are a few stats from the early USSR:

"In the USSR anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under USSR law active anti-semities are liable to the death penalty."
- Joseph Stalin, Works Vol.13

[just like Foxman's ADL hate crimes have to shut the mouths of the people because they KNOW who did this to them! LOL. and they must be silenced as truth goes down the memory hole].

99% of Russian Orthodox churches closed by 1939
99% of Catholic churches closed in the USSR by 1941

Source: US Library of Congress

106,300 priests, nuns and monks were executed in the 1937-1938 purge
(Page 165)

The number of its own citizens killed by the Soviet regime is 30,000,000 , but many scholars and a Nobel Laureate put the figure over 60,000,000. (X).

OK? hello?
mainly christians?
do we understand this?

here's what kapner says:

THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years.

Yet the Zionist controlled media had nothing but praise for Boris
Yeltsin who misgoverned Russia and appointed Jewish oligarchs and their
Harvard Jewish friends as his “economic advisors” who looted Russia
under the cover of the so called “privatizing” of Russia’s industries.

Upon Putin’s ascendancy to the presidency of Russia, Time Magazine
acknowledged that Putin was secretly baptized by his mother into the
Russian Orthodox faith when he was born in 1952.

But even Putin’s own admission to being baptized during Russia’s Soviet era was glossed over by Time Magazine.

Instead of applauding Putin for his open Christian confession, the
Jewish owned Time Magazine, (the Bronfman family owns the Time-Warner
conglomerate), smeared Putin as a “colorless, ordinary man with prying
eyes and expressionless face, a KGB spy who built his career on being a

... during an Easter Service at Christ The Saviour Cathedral on April 27 2008, Putin assured the Russian people saying:

“This holiday shows just how important national traditions and
spiritual values are for our people. The state will continue to provide
all possible support to the Church aimed at the enlightenment and moral
education of Russian citizens.”


“Orthodoxy has always played a special role in shaping our statehood,
our culture, our morals. One should not completely draw a line between
the culture and the Church. Of course, in our country the Church is
separate from the State. But in the soul and the history of our people
it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”"


"The leading US State Department-sponsored NGO behind the contrived
protests in Russia, as reported by the renowned contemporary historian,
William F Engdahl, is the National Endowment for Democracy, known as the

This organization has absolutely NOTHING to do with democracy but
rather with subverting governments that oppose the Zionist West’s quest
for world hegemony through Conferences, Elections Monitoring, and Social

Dubious beginnings mark this so-called “democracy” group.

You see, the NED’s Jewish founders in the 80’s, Allen Weinstein and
Carl Gershman, were careful to prevent any exposure of the laundered
funds coming to them from the CIA – for such exposure would have aborted
the organization at its birth"

and, it appears putin means business

Putin promises to protect Christianity worldwide

08 February, 2012, 17:39

Putin's Russia Novosti-yana-lapikova-ria.n

Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has promised to make the
protection of repressed Christians in foreign countries one of his
foreign policy priorities if he becomes president again.

When Putin met with the representatives of Russia’s traditional
confessions in Moscow’s main cathedral on Wednesday, the representatives
of the Russian Orthodox Church told him that Christians are facing
repressions all over the world.
The head of External Church
Relations, Metropolitan Illarion, said that every five minutes one
Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the world,
specifying that he was talking about such countries as Iraq, Egypt,
Pakistan and India. The cleric asked Putin to make the protection of
Christians one of the foreign policy directions in future.
“This is how it will be, have no doubt,” Putin answered.

He also paid off the IMF, kicked them out, balanced their budget and is running a surplus.

coming up: Russia and Syria.
what's really going on?

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Putin's Russia Empty Syrian kids killed by NATO death squads

Post by zone Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:05 pm

FALSE FLAG ALERT – Syrian Sources Warn:
Al Jazeera to Claim 17 Children Killed by Assad Forces; Kids are
Already Dead, Slain by Nato Death Squads to Induce Hysteria at Friday’s
“Friends Of Syria” Conference in Tunisia


Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
Putin's Russia
February 23, 2012

A reliable Russian source in Syria warns that al Jazeera is about to
launch within hours a major false flag provocation. Al Jazeera will
allege that 17 children have been killed by Assad’s forces. These
children are already dead, and have been killed by NATO death squads.
The goal is to create an atmosphere of hysteria at the Tunis “Friends of
Syria” conference today Friday, which otherwise threatens to be a
fiasco due to the boycott by Russia, China, and Lebanon, and due to the
fragmented nature of the Syria opposition.

Please spread this story as fast as you can as a highest priority False Flag Alert.

–Webster Tarpley
more later...
we gotta stop this thing.

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