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Hi, I'm the Admin Here

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Hi, I'm the Admin Here Empty Hi, I'm the Admin Here

Post by strangelove Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:48 am

Hows it going. The names Strangelove, you can call me Doc if you like....

I decided to make this forum because I keep getting banned from every Christian forum I join even though all the stuff I want to talk about is backed by scripture and real documentation. Go figure?. They just dont like the information I bring forward. If you feel like your in the same boat then join up!


Wanna know what I'm all about? Try these threads:



Eastern Orthodoxy is not Talmud Pharisaism (Mishnaism).


Talmudic Zionist Noahide Laws Take Hold in U.S. & U.N.

Poisening the Populace - Chemtrails, Medication and Modified Foods

Church Transformation, Purpose / Mission Driven Church

Anti-Defamation League - Thought Police

Noahide One World Religion Update

Am I Anti-semetic

Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots

Son of Perdition

9/11 Was an inside job

Speaking in Tongues

Did Communism Win By Stealth?

Is Corporate Worship Important or Necessary?

New World Order

Moral Law

Charismatics ARE Cessationists

False teachers

The True Israel

Should Christians Fight In Wars?

Good Documentaries

Global Scientific Dictatorship (THREAD DISAPPEARED)

ALERT - One World Antichrist Religion Has Arrived

The Christian Liturgy

What is Discipleship?

Do any supernatural gifts of the Spirit exist today

Extraterrestial Life

Heresy Studies: MONTANISM

We cannot embrace Judaism and Christianity.

Are healings for today, scripturally?

Sanctification by Works


Charismatic Movement inm Main Line

Sabbath - Why believe in a Sabbath for the New Covenant

Am I in the Right Place?

Talmudic Zionist Noahide Laws Take Hold in U.S. & U.N.

Church Transformation - Beware

~That which is perfect~

How Damaging is the Pentacostal / Charismatic Movement?

Icons, candles, incense and images. Creating an atomosphere? for what?


Zionism and the 'State of Israel'

New World Order

The Noahide Laws


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