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watt / news 05/04/11

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watt / news 05/04/11 Empty watt / news 05/04/11

Post by zone Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:58 am

Topics of show covered in following links:

CACI, the Private Intelligence Agency Which Supplied Interrogators for US Abu Ghraib Hired to do Scottish Census

From CACI "About" Page

CACI Main Page

From Herald Scotsman--Scottish Government Hires Firm Accused of Torture in Iraq

Big Brother Scotland

Self Confessed "Sluts" March in Toronto against Stereotyping

Western Military Advisors to Libya Become Visible in Benghazi

Brzezinski on Wars and American Interests

More Nuclear Waste to be Dumped into Sea of Japan

The Melt-down Reactors in Japan--Photos

Real Time Radiation Monitoring from EPA

UNESCO Involved in New Atomic Weights Table, including Carbon

European Commission Implements Radiological Emergency Law (Euratom No. 944/89) Enabling Increasing Radioactive Safety Levels in Food for Animal and Human Consumption.

Radiation Projection over Japan-Pacific-US--Canada for Next few Days

US Taxes to Increase 35%

UK Budget to Finish Off whatever is Left of British Society

The Birth of the "Hippie" Generation/Pop-Rock Music and the Celebrities Selected to Promote Cultural Change

FBI Launches 1 Billion Dollar Biometrics Project with Lockheed Martin

German Climate Advisor Says We Need a Counsel of Wise Men to Lead the World

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